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Their Very First School Pictures!

Our philosophy is easy, one simple smile at a time. Every picture we deliver is important. Every student who comes up to our camera is someone's child. Each picture we take is a lasting memory for their family. As a small, local school picture company, we recognize the value of our photos to parents. Nearly all of our photographers and staff are parents too!

Picture Day Process!

Younger children can be challenging to photograph in a picture day setting. To make it less stressful for them, we like to photograph the class picture first. This helps ease any camera shyness. It's also a good idea to bring the entire class into the area where individual pictures are taken, so the students are able to watch each other come up tot he camera. This helps them feel at ease, and smiles are less apprehensive and more natural.

Complimentary Sibling Pictures!

Parents with more than one student enrolled in your school who purchase an individual picture package for each child will receive a complimentary sibling package. The package is the same size as the individual packages. The sibling package does not include a class picture, and extras such as Refrigerator Magnets, Mouse Pads, Tote Bags, etc. are not included as free items, but may be purchased separately.

Same Great Service!

Whether you are an Kindergarten Center with an enrollment of 800, a small Nursery School sponsored by your local church or synagogue, or a Day Care Center with a few dozen students, you can count on the same great service and quality pictures we offer to large elementary schools. Simple Smiles Photography utilizes the same technology and process for all our schools, regardless of the size of the student body. The same meticulous attention to detail is provided to every image we process. Our photographers recognize that each and every subject in front of our camera is someone's child!

These pages may answer some of your general questions about our picture day processes:

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