What Our Schools Tell Us

Customer satisfaction starts with a smooth picture day. Students who are enjoying the experience, and Photographers who aren't inundated with paperwork produce great pictures. Our many years in the school picture business has afforded the opportunity to develop, and continue to improve, our highly organized Picture Day Process. And just as important as taking great photographs, we have a simple method for collecting data on picture day, assuring order accuracy. The result? Satisfied parents and schools who say the nicest things about us!

Here's What We've Been Told

“Our class is next? You mean we don’t have to wait in the hallway for our turn??” -- 3rd Grade Teacher

“We have very few retakes, parents are delighted with their pictures!” -- School Office Manager

“We received our pictures so fast! How did you do that?” -- Primary School Principal

“Wow, my son never takes a good picture! Your photographer is magic!!” -- Middle School Parent

“Your assistant really kept things moving. What a pleasant experience!” -- Primary School Principal

“How did you find such patient and amazing photographers? Even the babies smiled!” -- Preschool Director

“Several of our Dancers commented they felt so comfortable that they forgot they were in front of a camera. They love their pictures!!” -- Dance Studio Owner

“The class pictures were just awesome! Thank you for the copies for the teachers.” -- Assistant Principal

“Thank you for all the little extras. How you got two hundred 12th graders to form a giant '08 is beyond me!” -- Yearbook Coordinator

 “The School Management CD came so fast. I didn't even have to ask for it!” -- District IT Director