Quality Guarantee

      • In the unlikely event of an order error, we fix it.
      • If a parent doesn't like their child's portrait for any reason, we retake the photo.
      • If a parent prefers not to schedule a retake, we simply refund their money

                                ........NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

Simply put, we deliver great portraits that families love, and in the exact sizes and quantities they've ordered. And our refund rate reflects this......less than 1 in 500 packages we deliver is returned for a refund!!

Accurate Order Processing

Accurate order processing starts before we even set foot in your school. Our simple, easy to understand order forms are delivered well in advance of Picture Day, allowing parents ample time to make their portrait decisions. Information is meticulously collected on picture day, assuring precise order processing. After picture day, our post-production process guarantees this precision:

      1. Data Entry - Orders are entered into our system by a team member who attended your picture day. This happens within 24 hours of your picture day. We don’t allow orders to sit on a shelf for a week, only to be processed by someone who is unfamiliar with your picture day. Special requests from parents, teachers, or students are still familiar when orders are entered into our system.
      2. Pose Selection - Each student is photographed at least 3 or 4 times. A Simple Smiles team member selects just the right pose for each student, one at a time. This assures a great expression for everyone!
      3. Cropping & Centering - How often have you received parent complains about centering? We execute cropping individually, one at a time. NO BATCH PROCESSING is employed at this step…..EVER. This assures each and every portrait is perfectly centered.

Professional Grade Printing

We're not a photo laboratory. Our expertise is running a smooth picture day, capturing great expressions, and maintaining accurate order data. The labs we contract with are experts in print color technology. They've been printing super high quality School Photos for many years. Every image printed receives the same individual processing by a skilled technician. This includes:

        • Kodak Photographic Paper - All photographs are printed exclusively on Kodak Professional Grade Paper
        • Colors - All tones are balanced for vibrant hues that are super crisp and pop
        • Contrast & Brightness - Just like color, proper light-dark balance is crucial for sharp prints
        • Centering - Each image is adjusted by hand, then cropped for perfect head size and centering
        • Quality Assurance - Each print is fully inspected, and guaranteed to be perfect and free of defects